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As Miranda types this, they just submitted their Wordle score to their four (yes, four) NYT Games group chats. A 3/6 kinda Wordler and 10/10 lover of Kurt Vonnegut, objects that fit perfectly in the palm of a hand and striped turtlenecks, Miranda is proud to exist on the most lowbrow to highbrow spectrum of creative inspirations imaginable.

Get Miranda to talk about Big Brother and that will lead to Brechtian models of performance. Microwave grilled cheese to menippean satire. The history of alliteration to the aesthetics of degenerate art. This hyperbolic sense of taste started in the city everyone loves to hate—Miranda's hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. After being inspired by Zoey 101, Miranda attended boarding school where they discovered their love of comedy and performance.

Miranda didn't want the Good Times™ to end so they continued their buffoonery at Wesleyan University. Highlights include starting a two person band called "We Didn't Have Dinner,” choreographing 60 dancers all dressed as beans and being a very in demand nude model. Miranda has somehow congealed all these antics into a career that spans across theater, performance art, opera and film. Their work has been recognized by the Princess Grace Awards, Whitney Biennial and, most importantly, by Nana Haymon who proudly brags that her grandchild directed a Dunkin' commercial, which, if you're from Massachusetts, is truly the stuff of dreams.


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    Serving Facts With Billie Jean Kingplay icon

  • ProgressiveProgressive

    The Catplay icon

  • e.l.f.e.l.f.

    It's Brokenplay icon

  • SpectrumSpectrum

    Cookiesplay icon

  • Dunkin'Dunkin'

    Better Morningsplay icon

  • e.l.f.e.l.f.

    Preposterousplay icon

  • Dunkin'Dunkin'

    Ending In Yplay icon

  • GUCCI x GarageGUCCI x Garage

    A Cakewalkplay icon

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